dorina cappelletti 300Dorina is our precious helper in the kitchen and in taking care of the apartments. Over the years living in Umbria she learned from her mother in law all the umbrian traditional recipes and she masters the preparation of tagliatelle, ravioli and tortellini. Her summer dinners with fried calzoni are memorable! 




andinet 300





Andinet is from Ethiopia and has been working for the holiday farm since 2008. He is mainly responsible of all the external works: taking care of the garden, attending the pool in the summer, keeping the dog field neat and taking care of the dogs if needed. He speaks English and Italian and he studied tourism in Ethiopia before coming to Italy. He is good in the kitchen, either preparing meals and serving at the table. Thanks to Andinet the “Menu” can be Ethiopian sometimes with meat based dishes like the “zighini”, other vegetables and legumes recipes, all served on the traditional bread called “injera".