Welcome to Il Cucciolo! We are a 25 hectare organic farm with four stone houses on top of an Umbrian hill. We rent apartments of different sizes with incredible views of two Medieval Castles.

All combined, our space can accomodate a party of up to 20 guests: couples looking for a romantic get away and families of various sizes.

For groups of people who share the same interest we provide a space were focusing on tematic visits: writers can organize writing seminars, painters can bring their painting classes, yoga teacher can find the right environment for a yoga retreats.

dogfield 300It is also the perfect place for group of dog lovers who want to organize a reunion with their pets.

We have 300 meters of fenced in garden, its three terraces connected by stone staircases and resting areas.

It is our dog run, a place where people can bring their dog to run free while they enjoy the view and the company of other dog lovers.

sala pranzoOur common space is called the “Limonaia”, a glassed in stone building where we keep the lemone trees in the winter. There you will find a multi lingual library (English, Italian, French and German) as well as dozens of board and card games of every kind. The room is attached to our laboratory kitchen where we cook our meals and we give cooking lessons, if requested. You can learn some traditional umbrian recipe or how to make bread or pizza with our natural raising dough, or learn how to make home made pasta.

piscina bambini tuffo 300For the water lovers, we have a six by 12 meters pool surrounded by a nice garden overlooking our forest. The pool has a solarium and a barbecue for communal dinner around the fire at night.

lago asso golden 300In the forest we have a lake which is perfect for the dogs who love to swim. And while they do so you can relax, take a walk around, or have a pic nic.

The forest surrounds us on every side. It is a Paradise for mushroom and truffle hunters. There are white roads and trails where you can enjoy hiking and adventuring on foot or on our complementary bicycles.

We are walking distance from the Tuscany boarder so you get the best of both regions. Feel our enthusiasm about experiencing Italy in the Umbrian and Tuscan area. Explore the rest of our site for more details about what makes us different and better than the other Agriturismi in Italy. And please contact us for details about how to plan your vacation with us! We look forward to hearing from you!


lago byvincenzo silver 700

lago byvincenzo golden 700