There are certain things that all dogs should know how to do, and not do. Obviously knowing and doing are two separate things aren’t they? These behaviors are the requirements, the minimum, that every owner ought to provide his dog as an education. These behaviors taught properly will help your dog understand his place in your pack and become more compliant to your wishes without depriving him of his identity and unique character.

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But you will need a method of communication for teaching your dog in a way that he can easily understand. His brain is small and routinely confused. At Agriturismo Il Cucciolo you will learn the best method for communicating with your dog. It is clear and easy to understand for both you and your dog.
Although this list of behaviors is what we ordinarily consider the basic obedience (sit-stay-come-heel-down), the same communication method can be used to teach any behavior that then adds to your dog vocabulary, commands he can follow and in doing so express his collaboration with his pack leader.

Intermediate and Advanced Obedience

Other sorts of training are possible such as intermediate and advanced obedience too. Sometimes there is a single behavior that your dog is unable to grasp in order to earn his certification for a certain license, or on the agility course he is having trouble with an obstacle, or if you want to teach your dog to be more attentive in front of high level distractions. A higher level of obedience, bite work, search and rescue, or behaving better in public at restaurants etc….