Umbria is the land of truffles, a part from the green hearth of Italy! It only comes to finding the places were to find the special treasures. And they are kept very secretive for generations. But it is not just that. Even when you happen to find a truffle, the summer black one or the autumn white one, it is not granted to know how to use it in the kitchen.

First of all though in order to find truffles you need a trained dog. In 2005, when we started living in Umbria we got our first dog Trilly, a black labrador. Breon trained her to find truffles and he was so successful that he became passionate about this activity. So now, after having trained many truffle dogs with his special “American Method” and having taken the special patent to become a truffle digger, Breon is somehow an expert on the subject. That is why we often have truffles around and we select truffle products in the area that we sell to our guests.