The 2024 season is about to open and the biggest news will be a passing of the baton. Il Cucciolo continues its history of welcoming those who choose
Another year started with a nice dinner party with our guests and the Christmas Holidays ended a great season. During the past year we had a chance of
People are always asking me for advise at parties, or at the dog park when they discover that I am a dog trainer. It is a little like being a doctor.
I spent this past ten days alone in the country enjoying the colours of early December: the fading orange and red taking away autumn and changing into
Last October Breon O’Farrell invited people in Rome to a walk with dogs in the Caffarella Park in Rome. The event was called “The walk with Il Cu
It is surprising how little we understand about dogs. Something as basic as “What should we feed them” is cause for panic. Even science, who has