erba medica 300It is surprising how little we understand about dogs.

Something as basic as “What should we feed them” is cause for panic. Even science, who has failed and confused us in the past, is an unreliable source of conflicting information. Sadly, most of the research performed in this field is paid for by pet food companies who are held in high suspicion by the public.
Why do dogs eat grass? Because grass is food. Actually herbs are, and dogs are seeking the nutrients herbs supply. Most people think they eat herbs because they feel ill and want to vomit. No. well, maybe sometimes. Grass is a sibling to herbs, but dogs are often eating bad kinds of grass, indigestible types that grow commonly but are not an edible quality for dogs. Cows yes, but not dogs. Many grasses also present the threat of herbicides, fertilisers and pesticides. I discourage my dogs from eating wild grass, and instead I meet their needs by supplementing their diet with a bit of Alfalfa with every meal.
A Dog is a scavenger more than a hunter. He is a specific kind of carnivore that acts more like an omnivore. Wolves too eat greens, especially when they kill a deer and immediately eat the intestines which are filled with partially digested grasses. Your dog should eat many different kinds of foods. Even things you wouldn’t choose to give him. This variety is important, and all dogs should be exposed to many different types of bacteria as soon as they start eating solid food so they can resist illness, grow strong and be well.
Breeders and vets routinely advise you otherwise, but they are wrong to do so. Feed your dog a super high quality, commercial, dried kibble food, then supplement it with fruit, raw bones, salad, vegetables, meat, pasta all your leftovers can go to the dog. Something green is crucial! Reward him with variety.

By Breon O’Farrell