caniThis Holiday Farm has always been proud of welcoming all kind of dogs, big ones, small ones, difficult ones, more than one at a time. We decided to create independent apartments so that our guests with dogs could feel like at home. Some of our apartments have a private garden.

A lake in the forest
In our forest you will find a lake where your dog can swim all year around!

Group dog walks

Throughout the season there will be opportunity to take morning group dog walk with Breon after breakfast. 

dogfield 300

Fenced in dog run illuminated at night

We have a fenced in garden which is our dog run. It is divided in two big areas both dedicated to dog activities. One is for Breon O’Farrell’s use, for dog sitting and dog training. The other one is dedicated to our guest’s use, so that their dogs can play safely in a contained area. In the dog run your pet can enjoy a mini swimming pool for refreshing during the hot summer months. Apart from the dog run, our olive garden field is completely fenced in and it can offer another large space for your dog to run free and safe.

All our spaces are accessible to dogs, from the breakfast room to the garden around the pool

We have a motto: “dogs can go anywhere”, from the apartments to the various common gardens, to the breakfast or dinner room. In order to make this possibile we ask you to keep your dog on the leash in all the common areas. You’ll have plenty of areas where you could leave your dog free, out for a walk or in the dog run. The pool is surrounded by a grass area where your dog can relax under an umbrella while you enjoy a swim.
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Dog sitting
We have three big boxes in the dog run and we use them for dog sitting when needed. Our doggie Day Care is for guests who want to spend a day visiting nearby towns and attractions but would like to leave their dog in a safe place. The cost is 2,00 €/hour and 20,00 €/day but it is free for people who are training their dog with Breon O’Farrell.

Dog Training for different purposes

Breon O’Farrell is available for dog training consultations in which you can learn about hi’ “American Method” based on positive reinforcement. You can ask about a consultation while making a reservation or during your visit. There are various kinds of consultations:
1) General consultation or first time consultation: A two hour lesson in which Breon can provide guidance on all dog related matters and start a course giving you an idea on how to procede and continue with following lessons or on your own. 
2) Obedience: He can help to teach all the behaviours dogs are expected to learn.
3) Problem Solving: He can move you and your dog towards any goal you are finding difficult achieving in terms of your dogs participation in your life.
4) Truffle Dog training: If your dog works for his right to belong to your pack he will attain a deeper feeling of satisfaction for being in your company. And when he finds truffles everyone will smile.

The cost of a general consultation or a first time consultation is 120,00 €. The hourly fee that is applied to calculate the cost of a dog training course (based on the number of hours) is 60,00 /hour. The first consultation has also the purpose of evaluating the cost of a specific and personalized dog training course.

A basic obedience dog training course costs 300,00 .

A truffle hunting dog training course is only for the dog which needs to be staying with the trainer at the Holiday Farm for a period of time from one week to ten or fifteen days. The minimum cost is 350,00 , but asking for specific behaviour for the dog to have after having located and indicated where to find the truffle (like digging extracting and bringing the truffle into your hands) can raise the final cost. 

Discounted packages for dogs groups
Dog groups can reserve the entire agriturismo with the exclusive use of the dog run for a special discount.

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