This service is provided to both professional hunters and ordinary folk who just like the idea that their dog will find truffles during the daily walk on their own property. There is nothing more fulfilling for a dog and her owner than to have a job to do together. And when your job is finding truffles, it is more than fulfilling, it is also deliciously filling. There is no hiding your satisfaction when your dog hunts a truffle, and she senses your sincere devotion and admiration.

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For serious truffle hunters there is no solution better than Breon O’Farrell’s “American Method” of training truffle dogs. The two most important qualities of this training are:

1) Breon’s method takes less than 10 days to arrive at an impressive level of skill for a dog. This short period of intense training means that your dog can return home to you and you can continue to bond with him while finding truffles, instead of handing him over to a training that wants to keep him for three months and ruin the bond that exists between you.

2) Breon is not a professional truffle hunter in competition with you. He is not sabotaging your dog, he is not looking at you as someone who will get to the truffle first and so negatively impact his haul of truffles. No. Breon does a high quality of training in a short period of time and you can be sure he has as his only interest a satisfied customer.

If you are a person sick and tired of seeing other people pull their cars up to your property and get out with a dog to gather truffles while you look on from a distance with your dogs barking (but unable to find truffles) it is time for you to end these shananigahns. Any dog can be trained to find truffles, even your fat old throw carpet of a dog. Obviously a serious hunter wants a breed with energy and singleness of purpose, who will work for four hours in a row, who dreams about truffles. You don’t need such dedication. Your goal is to take a pleasant stroll on your own property and return home with truffles in your pocket. You can have this.