So many problems that dogs have living in human society are direct results of having their own culture, not at all like our human culture, and this causes them confusion and erroneous conclusions. It is easy to convince a dog that children are dangerous when we all know that babies are the most unthreatening humans of them all. So why should a dog be scared of kids! Cultural confusion is the answer. So when you understand dog culture you can begin to try and correct some of their mistaken ideas.

List of problem you can aim to solve with the help of Breon O’Farrell:

  • Anxiety
  • Aggression towards people
  • Over Excitement (pulling, jumping)
  • Aggression towards other dogs
  • Sound sensitivities
  • General fears

Every dog is unique as well as every relationship of any dog with its companion. Present your specific problem and you’ll be addressed personally in order to meet your unique goal.