This is the questionnaire we usually send our guests so that we can provide them with the best service for their vacation with their dogs


We are really pleased that you will be staying at our place.
Following is a questionnaire for either people intending to take some training lessons with breon o’farrell, or people who are just vacationing at our place.
Keep in mind that Breon charges 60,00 euro/hour for a training session and that the first lesson has the duration of about wo hours and the cost of 120,00 euro. Breon is most often welcoming our guests and open to evealuate with them the need for some lessons in order to solve any problem relating their dogs.
Please take the time to answer our question so that we can be as prepared as possible to support you in your vacation.

Name and last name of owner of the dogs:
Name of the dog:
Dates of your staying:
Name of the apartment in which you are staying:
e-mail address:
Phone number:

1- What is the breed, age, gender of your dog.
2- How long have you owned it?
3- Is yours the dog’s first home? If not, give brief history.
4- Who is your vet (Name and Address and Phone #).
5- Name, Address and Phone of Breeder (if any?).
6- Is dog spayed or neutered? If not, do you intend to spay or neuter?
7- What (if any) problems are you having with dog?
8- Have you ever owned a dog before? Give brief history.
9- How does dog get along with other dogs? With strangers? With kids?
10- Are there any sounds that frighten dog?
11- What are your short term goals for dog? Ex: if a puppy, you probably want to house train to pee and poop outdoors.
12- What are your long term expectations and goals for dog?
13- How many people has dog bitten? If bites draw blood, give a detailed history of circumstance around each incident (ex: what was happening when dog bit), and describe the results of the bites (ex: tears on the flesh requiring or not requiring medical attention, deep puncture wounds with medical attention required.
14- What does dog eat. Who feeds dog?
15- How often does dog get exercised? Describe exercise routine (ex: dog park on weekends, short leash walks several times a day, ocean swimming, daily jogging with owner).
16- What are your occupations? Is dog alone during the day?
17- Are there other family members (or employees) who regularly interact with dog?
18- Does dog have a crate/cage?
19- Does dog have any medical conditions? When was dog’s last examination with Veterinarian?
20- What kind of collar do you use? How long is your leash?
21- Have you ever been taught dog training before? Give short description of methods.
Thanks for your thoroughness!
Here now is a short list of items you will need for your time with us.

These are items you’ll need in case you want to work on training your dog.
Leash and buckle collar.
1- A variety of yummy treats that you know your dog really loves.
2- One bag of your dog’s regular food.
3- Dog’s favorite toys.
4- Rawhide type chew items.
5- Fanny pack.